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The March 2018 Magazine has been delivered.  The new passwords are in it.  If you haven't received yours by March 21st, contact Joe Wells at:
The password for the Members-only section of this website will change on April 1st, 2018.
The deadline for articles for our March, 2018 Magazine is the 15th of February.
Our October 2017 Convention

Our October  2017 club convention was a great success.  Host Andy Yaffee welcomed over 81 conventioneers. We visited the Amish country and heard many of the Club's best speakers.

The Club is on Social Media

Kelly Budgen-Breckenridge, our Social Media Editor, now has the club officially on social media - Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Go to our Home page and click on Social Media to see these pages.


Our 2018 Convention

 Please mark your calendars for the 2018 Schoenhut Convention, which will be held in Lindsborg, Kansas - October 12th and 13th.
See below for more details.


This year, we will have on-line registration and fee payments by PayPal. Click here to register.


Annual Convention

October 12 and 13, 2018

Lindsborg, Kansas

   Ron and I (Ron and Marsha Rolander) are happy that Lindsborg, Kansas is the location for the 2018 Schoenhut Collectors’ Convention.  We enjoyed the 2017 convention in Lancaster and want to thank the planners and presenters for a memorable experience.  Seeing Andy Yaffee's collection was fantastic.  We

enjoyed the Pennsylvania countryside and a little antique shopping.  The best part was being in the company of our club members! The programs and round tables were full of interesting information.

   If you are planning to fly to Lindsborg, you will want to check air fares into Kansas City or Wichita.  The Kansas City airport is a little over 2 hours away.  If you want to spend time in Kansas City, be sure to check out the

Kansas City Doll and Toy Museum, as well as the UFDC headquarters.  As you travel west, enjoy the beautiful Flint Hills and Tall Grass Prairie.  You might want to stop in Abilene to see the Eisenhower Library and boyhood home of Dwight D Eisenhower (and some good antique stores).

   If you choose Wichita, the drive to McPherson will be approximately 1 hour.  You might want to check some antique stores in that area!

   Lindsborg, located in the Smoky Valley of Kansas, was founded by Swedish pioneers who began to arrive in 1869.  They founded the city, Bethany Lutheran Church, and Bethany College.  These hardy pioneers learned the English language, tilled the soil, and practiced their trades, as well as preserving many of their

Swedish customs and traditions, including a love of music and the arts.  You will have a chance to explore the charming galleries, shops, and restaurants that line the brick-paved streets in downtown Lindsborg.

   You can tour historic Bethany Lutheran Church, the McPherson County Old Mill Museum, Smoky Valley, Roller Mills, and Heritage Square. (, the Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery (, as well as the Red Barn Studio, home of the fabulous work of artist Lester Raymer, who presented his wife with a one-of-a-kind handmade toy each Christmas.

   You might enjoy driving 2 miles to see Coronado Heights, with a spectacular 360-degree view of the Smoky Valley.  If you have

never seen buffalo in the wild, the Maxwell game preserve is a short distance from McPherson.


 Roaming Buffalo


   The nearby town of Marquette is the place to go if you would like to see a motorcycle museum.

   Bring your appetite to Kansas – several meals will be served to you by the friendly staff of the Sundstrom Conference Center.  You can find all kinds of treats and beverages as you walk along Lindsborg's main street.  Friendly business proprietors will be ready to greet you!

   You might be interested to know that I first learned about Schoenhut pianos, dolls, and toys in 1974 when the late Marian Poe, from Peabody, Kansas, allowed the Sandzen Gallery to use her amazing collection for a holiday display.  My three-year-old daughter and I were thrilled to see it and a local photographer

took her back to be photographed with the toys.  The pictures and story were in the magazine, as well as the cover photo.  Marian Poe was a college roommate of Dorothy Schoenhut.

See you in the fall – we will have a good time!


Marsha Rolander