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Club Policies

The Schoenhut Collectors' Club's purpose is:
(1) to stimulate knowledge of, interest in, and the collection of all toys, dolls, games and other items manufactured by the A. Schoenhut Company and its successor companies;
(2) to assist members, within the limits of friendly rivalry, in adding to and enhancing their collections and;
(3) to promote educational and philanthropic endeavors through Schoenhut items.

The Schoenhut Collectors' Club is a nonprofit 501 (c)(7) organization.  Revenues that the Club uses to further its purpose come mainly from membership dues and donations.  The Club can provide financial assistance to individuals and organizations (such as museums) that will help us realize our purpose.

Toy and Doll Identification Services
The Club does not offer services for the identification or grading of any toys or dolls.  The Club does provide, to members, identification guides for many Schoenhut dolls and toys.

Buying, Selling, and Restorations
The Club does not buy or sell dolls and toys except for the case of certain donations the Club is making or accepting.  The Club does not offer restoration services. The Club will not offer advice on the disposition of toy and doll collections.  The Club may sell items (such as videos, catalog reprints, and books) that support the Club's purpose.

The Club accepts Schoenhut toy and doll advertising from members for inclusion in the Classified Ads section of our Magazine and Website.  Ad space for non-members can be purchased as long as the ad relates to Schoenhut-made items. 
Contact us for details.